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Invitation to the X International Scientific and Practical Conference (requirements for participants from outside of Ukraine)


Khmelnytskyi National University (Ukraine)
invites scientists, doctoral candidates, graduate students, teachers, the state and local government representatives, public organizations, enterprises, financial and other institutions to take part in work of the X-th International scientific and practical conference on the subject "Effective mechanisms formation of the economic systems competitiveness potential increase on conditions of integration processes development” dated to 10 annual anniversary of the International economic relations department which will take place on October, 4-6, 2013 in Yaremche (Ukraine) .

Co-organizers of conference: SI "The institute of economy and forecasting” National academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Research institute of labour and employment of population, Ministry of social policy of Ukraine and National academy of Sciences of Ukraine; European University, Kyiv; St. Petersburg State Architecture-Building University; South-Western state university, Kursk; Research institute of labour of Ministry of Labour and social defense of Belarus Republic; Krakow University of Economics, Poland.

Conference sessions:

1. Regional mechanisms of a competition potential forming and prospects of their usage.

2. Industrial enterprises competition potential increase in the system of global calls.

3. Economic security providing of the production systems under conditions of competition development.

4. Personnel competitiveness formation of enterprises in migratory processes expansion.

5. Human potential and its competitiveness in a social and labor relations development.

6. Influence of international relations development on the processes of industrial enterprises competitive advantages formation.

7. Competition potential of an enterprise: methods and mechanisms of increase.

8. Efficient labour market formation in the labour resources competitiveness increase.

9. Increase and realization mechanisms of an enterprises economic potential.

10. International economic relations in the mechanism of economic systems competitiveness increase.


Persons interested in taking part in the conference can send materials by a form on wed-page: http://mev-hnu.com/index/0-33 or send a presenter’s form; a file of an article. A name of a file – (№ of a session_ a last name of an author) e.g: 3_jons.doc; annotation-report; a copy of DPhil review; a copy a payment order on е-mail conference@mev-hnu.com by August, 1, 2013.

Before a publication in the printing edition that is devoted to the results of a conference, the sent materials are placed by organizers for a discussion on the official page of the conference: http://mev-hnu.com/load/2013/30. A collective discussion is conducted to address: http://mev-hnu.com/forum/30. Answers for questions are given by authors of the articles. For a technical opportunity to participate in the discussion it is necessary to be registered on the page of international economic relations department of Khmelnytskyi National University http://mev-hnu.com/index/3 (don’t hide your name and surname). If you have technical problems, please follow the department page: http://mev-hnu.com/forum/23-7-2 for a consultation.

The requirements to the manuscript lay-out

The text must be typed with Microsoft Word. Pictures and photos should be inserted in the text as objects.

The size of the manuscript is 4-10 full pages, including pictures and tables. The number of co-authors must not exceed three.

In order to be published in "KhNU Visnyk" articles must not be previously published in any other sources. The language of the articles is Ukrainian, Russian or English.


The format of the text is A4 (210x297). The margins: left – 2.5 cm; right – 1.5 cm; top and bottom – 2.5 cm; running titles: header – 1.27; footer – 1.5 cm. The manuscript must have continuous numbering of pages.

The articles should conform to the requirements of professional editions and editions included to the econometric base "Index of scientific citing” (Russian Federation) and include the following structure:

- setting the general problem and its connection with important scientific and practical tasks;

- analysis of the latest research and publications;

- highlighting those parts of the general problem which were unsolved before;

- defining  the aims of the article (setting tasks);

- account of the basic research material with the full evidence of scientific findings;

- conclusions of the research and prospects of further development in that field;

- bibliography.

The text of the manuscript must be structured according to the generally accepted scheme:

- UDK (UDC) in the top left corner of the page (Times New Roman, 12 pt., not bold typeface);

- the authors’ initials and surnames - in capital letters in the top-right corner of the page (Times New Roman, font size 12, regular);

- the name of the organization where the author works – (the full name, font size 8, regular);

- the title of the article – in capital letters (Times New Roman, font size 12, bold);

- expanded summary of approximately 8-12 lines of the typewritten text in English after the title of the article (Times New Roman, 12 font size, italics);

- the list of key words, which begins with the words "Key Words:" (Times New Roman, 10 font size); the overall number of key words is four-eight;

- the text of the article in compliance with the structure mentioned above;

- bibliography.

You may use the following fonts to type the article: Times New Roman, 10pt, Symbol, 10 pt., (Greek alphabet). Line-to-line spacing – 1.3 cm. To title tables use bold type, 10 pt.

To title pictures use bold type, 8 pt.

Formulae are to be placed in the centre; the numbering of formulae is to be made on the right side. To type formulae use the editor embedded in Word applying the following styles: text – Times New Roman, type size: ordinary – 11 pt., major index – 9 pt., minor index – 7 pt., major symbol – 16 pt., minor symbol – 12 pt.

Cited bibliography sources must be numbered according to the order of their mentioning in the text. References to the sources and their pages are to be made in square brackets. The bibliography list is to be given at the end of the article in the form of bibliographic listing of sources in the original language in accordance with the requirements ("Bulletin of VAK Ukrainy", №3, 2008).

The decision on an article’s publication is taken by the editorial board. They can add some amendments to the text of the article without the author’s agreement. The work which does not conform to the text requirements is referred back to its author for improvement.


We strongly recommend studying detailed requirements to writing and article sample to the address: http://visniktup.narod.ru/support/rules.pdf.

Excursion program

If participant have a wish, they can visit excursions on a day of arrival, the second half of a day after plenary session and session meeting or on a summing up day:

- Footpath-rocks of O. Dovbush;

- Monasteries, church and architectural complexes;

- Waterfalls;

- The Carpathians’ natural reserves and landscape parks;

- To climb into Hoverla mountain or Petros mountain;

- "Bukovel" resort complex;

- Yablunetskyi mountain pass.

Publication payment and payment for participation in the conference

The cost of publishing one full (not full) page in a professional edition Visnyk of Khmelnytskyi National University is 7 USD.

Payment is hold by transfer publication value on the PrivatBank card: 5457 0920 6001 7658 of the conference organization committee.

The participants pay for journey, food and excursion program by themselves.

Organization committee address:

29016, Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi, Instytutska str. 11, Khmelnytskyi National University

Head of international economic relations department, Doctor of Economics, Professor Viktor Nyzhnyk.

Office phone:   +38 0382 72 70 41

mobile phone: +38 067 284 97 19

Contact persons:

Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor Mykola Nikolaychuk,

mobile phone: +38 067 624 17 41

Maks Chubar,

mobile phone: +38 067 944 33 93

Andrii Savitskyi,

mobile phone: +38 096 751 75 74

E-mail: conference@mev-hnu.com


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