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Кафедра міжнародних економічних відносин

Scientific researches

The specialists of the department work on the scientifically-applied researches in  different fields of international economic relations, development of external economic policy, realization of analysis, prognostication and economic collaboration adjusting
Among them we can distinguish the following:
- Ukrainian products competitiveness research on the world markets;
- Problems of economic integration of Ukraine and EU;
- Ukraine in the system of the international adjusting to the world economic connections;
- Providing of national economy competitiveness in the conditions of world globalization;
- Ukrainian external economic connections research;
- European integration;
-  External economic policy of Ukraine, it`s problems and realization;
- Influence of price and other factors on the equilibrium of profit and balance of payments;
- Monetary effects of payments balance during the operations on open markets;
- Human capital forming and development;
- Labour force international migration.

The advanced researches of international economic relations department is also conducted in the govermental directions.

  • In 2005 the department worked on the realziation of the project, called  «Strategy of Khmelnytskiy region development in 2007-2015 and Eurointegration mechanisms development» (state registration number 0105U007229) with grant - 17 250 hrivnas.

  • In 2007  the department was working on the advanced study in the context of «UKRAINE-NATO» project with a theme “Scientific and educational providing of the special course for master's degrees preparation” in the directions of Ukraine economic security (state registration number 0107U006933) with the general volume of financing more than 61 thousand hrivnas.

  • In of 2008- 2009 the department worked on the scientific work "Ukrainian human potential mechanism increase in the terms of demographic, eurointegration processes development” (state registration number 0108U001277) with the general volume of financing more than 40 thousand hrivnas.

A department constantly works on the high-quality composition increase. Based on the research results were published 3 monographs, 3 train aids, 25 educational labours and over 120 scientific works.

The special attention in scientific activity of department is given to integration in the international scientific space through making new contracts about a collaboration.

During the 2005-2014 the department of international relations held 10 international scientific conferences for both students and professors.

Among of them were conferences of "The Elements of of Raising Economic Potential under of Conditions of of of Globalization", "Management of industrial enterprises economic activity in the system of modern processes of globalization", "Forming of effective mechanisms of increase of competition potential of the economic systems at the terms of development of integration processes" of and "issues of the day and prospects of economic development of the modern productive systems at the terms of deepening of processes" of globalization.

During the conferences different topics were discussed, especially such important ones as:

1. Economic safety of a country under conditions of integration process development.
2. Role of regions in national economic model forming.
3.Threat and prospects of enterprise foreign economic activities activization.
4.The ways of increasing domestic enterprise competitiveness.
5. Mechanisms of efficient enterprise personnel management.
6. Innovative-investment development of enterprises.
7. Social-personnel management in forming efficient labour-market.

The department is always open for new collaboration and looking forward for interesting scientific researches. 

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